An athlete’s success is a journey. Don’t leave it up to chance.

What makes Area 615 Performance different?

In order to focus on the individual athlete's journey, we believe in a holistic and objective approach when it comes to training athletes. Area 615 Performance is powered by Sparta Science, a technology and force plate platform used by over 60+ professional, collegiate, and high school organizations. The force plate objectivelyassesses and compares each athletes' strengths, weaknesses and potential injury risks through a growing database of 16,000 athletes. In turn, this leaves no room for guesswork. From the results, our performance coaches know where time needs to be spent with each athlete, whether that's strength development, skills and speed training, to nutrition and recovery. Through evidence-based programs, each athlete's journey isn't left up to chance.

Where do you stand compared to your competition:

Area 615 Performance is powered by Sparta Science. Every athlete gets assessed through Sparta Science's force plate and software platform to see how he or she compares to the growing database of athletes. By jumping on the force plate, each athlete will know what their strengths, weaknesses, and potential injury risks are through the Sparta Scan.

What are we
doing about it:

Our coaches will go over the Sparta Scan with the individual athlete. This way the athlete has a clear understanding of what she or he will be focusing on through training to address potential injury risks, turn weaknesses into strengths and beat his or her competition.


The athlete will be reassessed every 3-4 weeks to see how he or she adapts to the training. This way there is no guesswork for our performance coaches and the athlete's training program.

Individual & Team Training includes:

  • Sparta Science force plate assessment (reassess every 3 weeks)
  • Evidence-based strength training based on the Sparta Scan
  • Injury prevention
  • Speed and Agility training based on sport/position
  • Recovery Education:
    • Soft tissue maintenance
    • Stability and Mobility tactics
    • Sleep and Nutrition consulting


The consultation includes the Sparta Science assessments, which will give the athlete a better idea of his or her weaknesses, strengths, and potential injury risks by being compared to the database. With this objective information, the athlete has clear expectations on the goals of his or her training program.

Other Services:

  • Sport Coach or Team Consulting: No more guesswork.
    • Team consulting is based on the Sparta Science Assessments:
      • Does your team need more strength training, skills training or recovery?
      • What should you be doing with your athletes year round?
      • Identify your athletes'/teams injury risks
      • See what position your athletes should be playing
      • How to make better use of practice time with your athletes
  • Nutrition & Recovery Consulting for teams
  • Injury Prevention programs

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