The Facility

Our Facility

Area 615 was founded because it was felt that a high-caliber professional-style facility was a huge need in the Middle Tennessee area. We established on the principle that passionate, dedicated, and intelligent training are the keys to improving performance. Our goal is to provide Middle Tennessee with the highest caliber professional baseball and softball training experience, which we do through constant evolvement of techniques designed to meet and exceed our players’ standards.

The concept of constant evolvement stems from the idea that there are different ways to achieve the same outcome, and therefore different ways to teach and for players to learn. Because of this, our staff is constantly finding new techniques and refining their old ones to elicit peak success from their students.

At the end of the day, the players are what is most important, and we strive to provide a facility which is comfortable, motivational, and growth-oriented so that players feel that their time spent at Area 615 has been worthwhile and beneficial to their skill development.

Area 615 is a revolutionary sports training facility that redefines training methods used to groom athletes to maximize their full potential. In our 30,000 sq.ft facility we have combined the most technologically advanced training experience using the region’s best instructors to insure your athletes the most advanced training possible. We utilize the Sparta Science technology to give the athlete the platform to implement all of their training needs and fully understand how to prepare their body to excel in their sport. We carry all the equipment that is necessary for the athlete to get the most out of their training.

Our facility has the following:

  • 8 full hitting tunnels
  • 3 Iron Mike machines (self-feeding machine)
  • 1 tunnel with Hit Trax set-up
  • 3 dedicated pitching tunnels
  • 2 super-sized utility turf fields
  • 1 state of the art fitness center equipped with Sparta Science technology
  • Countless professional instructors, coaches and trainers

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